How To Build A Website – Amazing Website Resources!

There is no reason you can’t start a site in this day and age. How do you go about finding a site to help you learn all the fundamental skills needed?  Here are seven amazing websites to start you on your journey!

1. Webgatehelp


Webgatehelps teaches you how to build your site from beginning to end. The site walks you through how to find a web host,a domain name, learning cpanel, and learning HTML.

2. thesitewizard

Thesitewizard teaches you everything you wanted to know about how to build a website and stuff you did not even know you needed but you wish you had. Learn about domains, search engines, blogging, HTML, and revenue making. This is an in-depth tutorial site.

From “What is the best font size for a web page” to How To Test Your Website Under Different Screen Resolutions


3. afterhoursprogramming

Afterhoursprogramming teaches you the fundamentals of web development. Earn badges as you navigate on your journey

learning HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Coldfusion, Python, SQL, Graphic design, Information Architecture, Usability, and SEO. Test your skills on your new found knowledge by taking the quizzes.



4. buildyourownblog

Eight steps on building your blogBuildyourownblog teaches you how to build your blog from ground zero. You will learn the skills needed by going through eight steps.learn to build a blog Start with step one from the basics, to step eight on making money blogging.





5. Tyler

So you have decided to ahead and start your blog but you want to learn the ins and outs of wordpress! you tyler learn wordpressthrough wordpress step to step in twenty-nine different sections.

6. Learn-Shayhowe

Learn.Shayhowe teaches you beginner through advanced CSS.learn css After some lessons you can see the result of his teachings and then edit the code yourself on codepen to practice Codepenyourself.


7. Moz 

Want to learn how search engines work? Moz guiSEOdes you the fundamental strategies in order to get your site ranked on google.




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